Residential Services

Residential Services are provided to people who need support in order to enjoy a full and meaningful life in the community. This is done through the provision of a home and necessary support staff. Regular person centered planning is used with each person in order to best determine personal interests, needs and goals.

A hand’s on approach to physical, emotional and spiritual health is seen as essential. Services concentrate on enhancing relationships with family, friends and community members. Each person is supported to contribute to these relationships as well as to benefit from these invaluable connections.

The amount of staff support varies significantly from one person to the next. Services, therefore, range from independent living to 24 hours staffing support. In all cases, independence is encouraged to the extent that it is possible. Family Visions is committed to providing lifelong support whenever possible. If the needs of an individual exceed expertise available within Family Visions, other professionals will be consulted.

An individual must be referred to Family Visions through Community Living disability Services which is a provincial department of Family Services.